Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cold War Civil Rights 2.0

A new edition of my first book, Cold War Civil Rights:  Race and the Image of American Democracy, is just out from Princeton University Press.  If you are a graduate student interested in civil rights during the Cold War era, I wrote the new preface for you!  Here's the Amazon link.


Tom O'Donnell said...

Thanks for the heads up Prof. Dudziak. This book is on my comprehensive exam list so I'll be sure to check out the new edition!

Mary L. Dudziak said...

Best of luck! The preface takes up the slipperiness of the Cold War in works on the Cold War and civil rights. Many writers take up the Cold War's impact, as if they are talking about the same thing, but there are several variations (the Cold War as domestic anticommunism, the Cold War as geopolitics, the Cold War as a time period, the Cold War as a climate system -- as in "Cold War climate," etc.). More on this theme in the next book, but by then you'll have passed your comps!

Tom O'Donnell said...

Thank you for your well wishes and that follow-up explanation. I'm more of a 19th century American historian but my recent exposure to the Cold War has left me with a new appreciation of its expansiveness and importance. I have two large sections of readings titled Cold War Culture and Cold War Politics, the latter incorporating both foreign and domestic politics, including civil rights.So perhaps I should start with this Preface to help me think about the concept with a bit more clarity. I'm learning quickly that the way I group my readings influences how I think about them and the way the historiography fits together.