Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ASLH Conference Hotel Filling Up

If you are planning to attend the American Society for Legal History annual meeting in Atlanta in November, and you have not yet made hotel reservations (yes, it's still early -- the cut-off date for the hotel is Oct. 10), it would be wise to work on that soon.

H-Law has discussed trouble attendees are having making reservations for the first evening of the conference (Thursday, Nov. 10).  I know that a colleague was recently able to get a room at the hotel for Thursday, but not at the conference rate.  UPDATE:  The ASLH webpage now indicates that the hotel is sold out for Thursday.

If you have trouble getting the conference rate through the website, try phoning them.  If you find yourself closed out, scroll down to the first email in this thread, where Craig Joyce offers alternative hotel info:  Hotel Midtown (one block away), W Hotel (the link is to the midtown W -- please check maps to be sure that's the one closest to the conference), Four Seasons, and Renaissance.

My info may be dated, since I read H-Law via the weblogs.  If you have updates or advice for others, please post in the comments.


David Tanenhaus said...

Dear Mary,
Thanks for posting this information. I just booked at a room at Hotel Midtown, which now has an ASLH rate of $89 per night. They still have rooms for Thursday evening.

Mary L. Dudziak said...

Thanks, David! I heard that ASLH was working on negotiating a special rate at Midtown. The news is not yet posted on the webpage, but folks might want to keep an eye out for updates on the Current News page of the ASLH site: http://www.aslh.net/index.shtml And to book a room at the Midtown at the ASLH rate, call the hotel directly: 877-873-7829 (toll free number).