Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harvard Fellowships in Economics, History and Politics

Updated information for this fellowship is now posted here

Harvard University is delighted to announce a new program of Prize Fellowships in Economics, History and Politics, tenable at Harvard over the period 2011-2016. The fellowships are intended to encourage outstanding scholarship in any field of economics, history, politics and related subjects, with a special emphasis on scholarship which crosses the frontiers between disciplines, and which addresses questions of lasting importance.

Applications are by nomination only, and nominations of fellows for the 2011-2012 academic year must be received by October 15 2010.

And more detail:

Candidates should be of the highest level of intellectual achievement, having already demonstrated original work and should be comparable to those chosen for junior faculty positions at leading universities. The Prize Fellows are selected by the Senior Fellows of the Program. They receive three-year, or, if they so wish, two-year fellowships.

The Program seeks outstanding candidates early in their scholarly careers, and is looking for truly extraordinary scholars. We expect that candidates will have completed their routine training for advanced study and will be far along in the dissertation stage, able to submit samples of independent work (articles, papers, dissertation chapters) in support of their candidacies. If still pursuing the Ph.D., Prize Fellows should be prepared to finish their degrees before becoming fellows. If already a recipient of the Ph.D., they should not be more than two years past the degree at the time the fellowship commences.

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