Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quid Pro Books

Readers of the Blog may be interested in a new publishing venture launched by Tulane law professor Steven Alan Childress. Quid Pro Books publishes reprints and original work in paperback and as many as eight digital formats, including Kindle, Sony, and Apple iTunes. Childress had a special interest in legal history. Among his early books is a reprint of Benjamin Cardozo’s Nature of the Judicial Process, with a new introduction by Cardozo’s biographer Andrew Kaufman; a reprint of Jerold Auerbach’s Rabbis and Lawyers; a reprint of G. Edward White’s essay collection, Patterns of American Legal Thought; and Childress’s own annotated edition of Holmes’s Common Law. (That’s right: you can now read Holmes’s theory of legal survivals on your iPad. Can’t wait to see that in Apple’s next ad.)

Joe Hodnicki's interview of Childress on Law Librarian Blog appears here and here.