Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to Lawrence Friedman

Lawrence Friedman, our guest blogger for September, needs no introduction to legal historians around the world.  A giant in the field, he has written so many books that many of us have lost count.  Lawrence began his teaching career at St. Louis University, then moved to the University of Wisconsin.  He joined Stanford Law School's faculty in 1968, and is now the Marion Rice Kirkwood Professor of Law. Lawrence's first book was CONTRACT LAW IN AMERICA: A SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC CASE STUDY (University of Wisconsin Press, 1965).  His most recent -- at least two this year -- include The Human Rights Culture: A Study in History and Context and Inside the Castle: Law and the Family in 20th Century America with Joanna L. Grossman -- and that's only the non-fiction.  Along the way he has garnered six honorary degrees, many prizes including the Harry Kalven Prize, for Distinguished Research on Law and Society, Law and Society Association (1992), and served as President of the American Society for Legal History, the Law and Society Association, and the International Sociological Association.

Finally, anyone who attended ASLH meetings when Lawrence was President knows that he could have had a second career as a stand-up comic.

Welcome to Lawrence!