Monday, April 28, 2014

Journal of Supreme Court History 38:3

Although we recently posted the TOC for 39:1 of the Journal of Supreme Court History,  until now we somehow missed 38:3.  Here it is:

Mark R. Killenbeck, A Prudent Regard to Our Own Good? The Commerce Clause, in Nation and States

Jonathan O'Neill, Property Rights and the American Founding: An Overview

James W. Ely, Jr., Property Rights and the Supreme Court in the Gilded Age

Richard A. Epstein,  The History of Public Utility Rate Regulation in the United States Supreme Court: Of Reasonable and Nondiscriminatory Rates

Angela R. Riley, The History of Native American Lands and the Supreme Court

Marjorie Heins, "Priests of our Democracy": The Origins of First Amendment Academic Freedom

Deborah Ann Roy, The 1963 Good Friday Parade in Birmingham, Alabama: Walker v. City of Birmingham (1967) and Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham (1969)

Lyle Denniston, Anthony Lewis: Pioneer in the Court's Pressroom