Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Beyond the New Deal Order" Conference Program

Next week (September 24-26) the University of California, Santa Barbara hosts a conference titled "Beyond the New Deal Order." The full program is now available here. Panels of particular interest to our readers include:

Plenary: State Building: Democratic and Managerial
Chair: Alice O’Connor, UCSB
Meg Jacobs, Princeton University, “Reconsidering Regulation in the New Deal and

K. Sabeel Rahman, Brooklyn Law, “Transcending the New Deal Idea of the State:
Managerialism, Neoliberalism, and Participatory Democracy in the Regulatory State”

William Novak, University of Michigan Law School, “Beyond the Idea of the New
Deal State”
New Perspectives on New Deal Social Politics 
Elizabeth Shermer, Loyola University of Chicago, “Indentured Students and Mass
Higher Education”
Mark Santow, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, “Castles Made of Sand?
Home Ownership and the New Deal Order”

Doug Genens, UCSB, “Legal Services and the War on Poverty in Rural California”

Commentator and Chair: Tom Sugrue, New York University
Tax and Fiscal History as Cat Scan of Post-New Deal Order
Elliot Brownlee, UCSB, “The New Deal Order and Beyond: The Fiscal Issues”
Isaac William Martin, UC, San Diego, “The Tax Revolt and the Fall of the New Deal

Joseph Thorndike, Tax Analysts, and Ajay Mehrotra, American Bar Foundation, ”New
Deal Taxation and the Long 20th Century of Progressive Taxation”

Commentator and Chair: Romain Huret, EHESS
Labor and the Law
Kate Andrias, University of Michigan Law School, “Law and the Labor Question in
the Post New Deal Order”
Joseph McCartin, Georgetown University, “Public Sector Unions and the New Deal
Order: Logical Extension, Catalyst of Crisis, Agent of Revival and Revision”

William P. Jones, University of Wisconsin, “The Other Operation Dixie: Public
Employees and the New Deal Order”

David Bensman, Rutgers University, and Donna Kesselman, University of Paris, Est
Creteil, “From the New Deal Standard Employment Relationship to Employment
Grey Zone”

Commentator and Chair: Bob Master, Communications Workers of America
The Politics of Regulation In and Beyond the New Deal Order
Paul Sabin, Yale University, “Environmental Law and the End of the New Deal Order”
Paul V. Kershaw, Charles Warren Center, Harvard University, “The Ascendance of
the Neoliberal Political Order: A Triumph of Interests, Not Ideology”

Reuel Schiller, University of California, Hastings College of the Law, “Beyond New
Deal Regulation: Neo-Liberalism and the Modern Administrative State”

Commentator and Chair: Mary Furner, UCSB
Plenary: Race in the Configuration and Reconfiguration of the New Deal Order
Matt Garcia, Arizona State University, “The Unexpected Virtues of Exclusion: Farm
Workers and the New Deal”
Tom Sugrue, New York University, “The State and Planning: Race, the Metropolis
and Policymaking from Liberalism to Neoliberalism”

Kelly Lytle Hernandez, UCLA, “Caged Birds: The Rise of Mexican Incarceration in the United States, 1929-2015”
Civil Rights and American Federalism 
Kristoffer Smemo, UCSB, “Holding the Balance of Power: The Black Vote, The
Republican Party, and the Politics of Coalition Building in the 1940s”
Brent Cebul, American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Mason Williams, Williams College, “Revisiting the Question of Federalism: Intergovernmental State-building and the New Deal Roots of Urban Liberalism and Sunbelt Conservatism”

David Stein, CUNY Graduate Center, “Containing Keynesianism in an Age of Civil
Rights: Jim Crow Monetary Policy and the Struggle for Guaranteed Jobs, 1957-1979.”

Commentator and Chair: Gary Gerstle, University of Cambridge
Individual Rights and Administrative Power in New Deal History
Sophia Lee, University of Pennsylvania Law School, “Against Rights Essentialism:
Labor, Civil Rights, and the New Deal State”
Karen Tani, University of California, Berkeley School of Law, “The Unanticipated
Consequences of New Deal Poor Relief: Welfare Rights, Empowered States, and the Revival of Localism”

Joanna Grisinger, Northwestern University, “The Right to Participate and the Civil
Aeronautics Board”

Jeremy Kessler, Columbia University Law School, “The New Deal in the New Draft
Conscription, Conscientious Objection, and the Decline of Administrative Autonomy”

Commentator and Chair: Laura Kalman, UCSB