Saturday, July 20, 2019

Weekend Roundup

  • Over at New Books in Law, Jonathan Gienapp (Stanford University) discusses his book The Second Creation; former guest blogger Kimberly Welch (Vanderbilt University) discusses Black Litigants in the Antebellum American South.
  • From the New Legal Realism blog: Malcolm Feeley (University of California, Berkeley) on Frank Remington, Wisconsin, and the influential American Bar Foundation project on the administration of criminal justice in the U.S. (The project was a collaboration with the Ford Foundation, the ABA, and others.) Willard Hurst makes a few cameo appearances.
  • Are you up to speed on the due dates for the awards and prizes of the Organization of American Historians?  We ask, because we’re jurying one of them.  DRE 
  • The HistPhil forum on the Dartmouth College v. Woodward case continues. Here's a contribution from Evelyn Atkinson (American Bar Foundation doctoral fellow/Ph.D. candidate, University of Chicago).
  • ICYMI: Manisha Sinha on The New Fugitive Slave Laws in NYRB.  As previously mentioned (but now the subject of an official HLS announcement), Property law scholar [and Legal Historian] Molly Brady joins the Harvard Law faculty.  A play on McNaughton's Case at the Edinburgh Fringe, via The Scotsman.
Weekend Roundup is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History bloggers.