Monday, February 3, 2020

Fordham Constitutional History Workshop: Spring 2020

Via co-organizers Saul Cornell and Jed Shugerman, we have the lineup for the Spring 2020
Fordham Constitutional History Workshop.
Jan. 29: Workshop: Jed Shugerman and Ethan Leib, “Faithful Execution, Fiduciary Constitutionalism, and Good Cause Removal” (paper related to Selia v. CFPB, to be argued March 3, 2020)

Feb. 5: Workshop: Julie Suk, CUNY Graduate Center, chapter “We working women, because we are mothers”: Legacies of the 19th Amendment” from forthcoming book, We the Women: The Forgotten Mothers of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Feb. 12: Workshop: Keith Whittington, Princeton (Politics Dept), Constitutional Crises, Real and Imagined (selections from forthcoming book)

Feb. 19: Selections from Gerald Leonard & Saul Cornell, The Partisan Republic: Democracy, Exclusion, and the Fall of the Founders' Constitution, 1780s–1830s (2019)

Feb. 26: Workshop: Kunal Parker, U. of Miami Law, "Common Law Modernism: The Turn to Process in American Legal Thought, 1900 – 1970,” chapter from book manuscript on the idea of process in American legal, political, and economic thought (1900 - 1970)

March 4: Workshop: Jonathan Gienapp, Stanford History, selections from The Second Creation: Fixing the American Constitution in the Founding Era (2018)

March 11: Workshop: Felicia Kornbluh, University of Vermont, ‘Reproductive Rights and Justice Beyond Roe v. Wade: The View from 800 West End Ave’

March 25: Workshop: Nicholas Parrillo, Yale Law School, “Federal Tax Administration in the Early Republic.”

April 15: Workshop: Joanne Freeman, Yale History, selections from The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War (2018)
All events are scheduled for Wednesdays, 2 to 3:50 PM, at Fordham Law School (Lincoln Center), Room 4-06. Contact the organizers for more information.

-- Karen Tani