Friday, December 3, 2021

SAPD 35:2

Studies in American Political Development 35:2 (October 2021) has been published:

From civil rights to social policy: the political development of family and medical leave policy
Kumar Ramanathan

Naturalizing affection, securing property: Family, slavery, and the courts in Antebellum South Carolina, 1830–1860
Gwendoline M. Alphonso

Select No Gestapo: J. Edgar Hoover's world-wide intelligence service and the limits of bureaucratic autonomy in the national security state
Harry Blain

The 1982 Voting Rights Act Extension as a “Critical Juncture”: Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, and Republican Party-Building
Richard Johnson

When Think Tanks Refuse Thinking: Why American Pro-Market Conservatives Oppose Market Integration
Benedikt Springer 

--Dan Ernst