Saturday, December 4, 2021

Weekend Roundup

  • Jessica A. Shoemaker, University of Nebraska College of Law, reviews Gregory Ablavsky’s Federal Ground: Governing Property and Violence in the First U.S. Territories (Oxford University Press, 2021), in the Michigan Law Review (and SSRN).
  • In the New York Review of Books: Sarah Seo (Columbia Law School) on "Reimagining the Public Defender," reviewing books by Jonathan Rapping (Gideon's Promise), Sara Mayeux (Free Justice), and Matthew Clair (Privilege and Punishment). (The article is free to read, but you have to register.)
  • The New Jersey Council for the Humanities announces the launch of its Stanley N. Katz Prize for Excellence in Public Humanities a January 2022 kickoff event featuring a conversation with former ASLH president Stan Katz.
  • The Heyburn Initiative strengthens the University of Kentucky Libraries’ mission to archive and digitize “collections from federal judges, justices, and other leaders related to the judiciary with connections to Kentucky" (UKnow).
  • ICYMI:  Mark Tushnet's pet peeves about legal scholarship include originalism. (Balkinization).  A. Douglas Melamed interviews Herbert Hovenkamp, mostly about antitrust, but also about his historical training (SSRN) . George Boyer Vashon: New York’s First African American Attorney (Historical Society of the New York Courts). The Supreme Court of Georgia is set to kick off 175th anniversary celebration (Johnson City Press).

Weekend Roundup is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History bloggers