Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Ernst to Deliver Fulton Lecture on Jerome Frank

I am honored more than I can possibly say to be delivering the 2022 Maurice and Muriel Fulton Lectureship in Legal History from 12:15PM – 1:20PM on Monday, April 18, at the University of Chicago Law School, from which I graduated some time ago.  My topic is Jerome Frank: The Making of a New Deal Lawyer:

For two years at the start of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency, the legal realist and corporate attorney Jerome Frank was one of the more visible lawyers of the New Deal, publicly celebrated and privately deplored for trying to prevent meat packers, cigarette manufacturers, and milk distributors from mulcting the public.  Journalists saw Frank’s firing in February 1935 as the elimination of “the last stronghold of militant liberalism in the Roosevelt administration.” Professor Ernst will describe the making of this New Dealer, including Frank’s childhood and education on the South Side of Chicago, early law practice, sallies into Chicago politics, literary efforts, unsatisfying move to New York City, publication of the Freudian Law and the Modern Mind (1930) and entrée into the legal academe. 
--Dan Ernst