Thursday, April 21, 2022

"The Bill of Rights in Modern America"

The third, revised, and expanded edition of The Bill of Rights in Modern America, edited by David J. Bodenhamer and James W. Ely, Jr., has now been published by the Indiana University Press:

Newly revised and expanded to address immigration, gay rights, privacy rights, affirmative action, and more, The Bill of Rights in Modern America provides clear insights into the issues currently shaping the United States. Essays explore the law and history behind contentious debates over such topics as gun rights, limits on the powers of law enforcement, the death penalty, abortion, and states' rights.

Accessible and easy to read, the discerning research offered in The Bill of Rights in Modern America will help inform critical discussions for years to come.
Table of Contents after the jump.

--Dan Ernst

Part I: The Nature of Rights
1. Rights Consciousness in American History, by Daniel T. Rodgers
Part II: Modern Rights in Controversy
2. The First Amendment and the Freedom to Differ, by Suzanna Sherry
3. Church and State: The Religion Clauses, by Melvin I. Urofsky
4. Public Safety and the Right to Bear Arms, by Robert J. Cottrol and Raymond T. Diamond
5. The Enigmatic Place of Property Rights in Modern Constitutional Thought, by James W. Ely, Jr.
6. Equal Protection and Affirmative Action, by Paul Moreno
Part III: Individual Rights and Public Safety
7. Reversing the Revolution: Rights of the Accused in a Conservative Age, by David J. Bodenhamer
8. Police Practices and the Bill of Rights, by Laurence A. Benner and Michal R. Belknap
Part IV: Emerging Rights
9. Privacy Rights in Modern America, by Adam D. Moore
10. The Rights of Non-Citizens, by Kunal M. Parker
11. The Coming Out of American Law, by Marie-Amélie George
Part V: State Constitutional Rights
12. Second Wind for State Bills of Rights, by Randall T. Shepard
Suggestions for Further Reading