Friday, January 27, 2023

History & Judicial Review of the APA

The recordings of the Notre Dame Law Review's Federal Courts Symposium, "History & Judicial Review of the Administrative Procedure Act," held at the Notre Dame Law School on January 23, 2023, are now posted to YouTube.  The three panels, with corresponding links, are:

Panel I – Interpretation

•  Prof. John A. Ferejohn, New York University School of Law
•  Prof. Kristin E. Hickman, University of Minnesota Law School
•  Prof. Christopher J. Walker, University of Michigan Law School

Panel II – Outcomes & Remedies
•  Prof. Aditya Bamzai, University of Virginia School of Law
•  Prof. Ronald M. Levin, Washington University School of Law
•  Prof. Jill E. Family, Widener Law Commonwealth Law School

Panel III – Historical Backdrop
•  Prof. Evan D. Bernick, Northern Illinois University College of Law
•  Prof. Emily S. Bremer, Notre Dame Law School
•  Prof. Noah A. Rosenblum, New York University School of Law

 --Dan Ernst