Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Law Books: History & Connoisseurship

 [We have the following announcement.  DRE]

Applications are now being accepted for "Law Books: History & Connoisseurship", a one-week intensive course sponsored by the University of Virginia's Rare Book School. The course is scheduled for June 4-9, 2023, in the Lillian Goldman Law Library, Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut.

The instructors are Mike Widener, who has taught the course since 2010, joined for the first time by Kathryn James, Mike's successor as the Yale Law Library's Rare Book Librarian. The course is for librarians, collectors, book dealers, and legal historians who wish to build and exploit focused, interesting, and useful collections of historical materials in Anglo-American, European, and Latin American law. The course includes significant hands-on activities with the Yale Law Library's superb collections.

A detailed course description, advance reading list, and student evaluations from previous offerings can be viewed [here]. Enrollment is limited to 12 students. For the best chance of being admitted, please submit your application by the first-round deadline: Monday, 20 February 2023. Applications received after that date will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all available seats have filled. To apply, visit [here].