Wednesday, April 17, 2024

A Symposium on Rana's "Constitutional Bind"

Over at the blog of the LPE Project, a symposium is under way on Aziz Rana’s The Constitutional Bind: How Americans Came to Idolize a Document.  Professor Rana has started it off with Toward a New Constitutional Politics:
Given the manifest flaws of the U.S. Constitution, how did Americans come to idolize this document? Aziz Rana kicks off a symposium on his new book, The Constitutional Bind, by reflecting on the path that led to our current political predicament, and how long-buried Left thinking about state and economy might help us find our way out of it.
William E. Forbath has continued the symposium with Constitutional Politics and Dilemmas on the Left:
Aziz Rana aims to free us from Constitution worship. An abiding faith in “redemptive” constitutionalism, his new book argues, has long held back liberals, progressives, and even the Left from seriously promoting major change in our structures of government. Yet key left figures and movements have always made canny use of redemptive constitutional narratives and arguments. Rejecting that tradition leaves far too much on the table.

--Dan Ernst