Thursday, November 1, 2012

Legal History at the Social Science History Association

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The annual meeting of the Social Science History Association takes place this week, and the program (available for download here) includes some exciting legal history offerings:

Debt, Credit, and the Constitution of Capitalism
Chair: Malick Ghachem, University of Maine (Law)
The Monetization of Everything: The Nature and Timing of the Transition to Capitalism in the United States -- Michael Merrill, Empire State College, SUNY (Labor Studies)
Making Money: The Invention of an Interest-Driven Engine to Create Liquidity -- Christine Desan, Harvard University (Law)
Social Money: Berkeley, Ireland and the Origins of a Myth -- James Livesey, University of Sussex (History)
Discussants: Malick Ghachem, University of Maine (Law School); Craig Muldrew, Cambridge University (History)

Bodies and the Law in European and Colonial Contexts
Chair: Cary Federman, Montclair State University (Justice Studies)
Halifax the Harsh: No Pity for Bigamists -- Melanie Methot, University of Alberta (History)
Venereal Diseases and the Repression of Prostitution in Belgian Territories at the End of the 18th Century (1770-1790) -- Sarah Auspert, Université catholique de Louvain (History)
Controlling Vice in an Anti-Modern City: Bodies, Sex and Alcohol in Quebec City, 1840-1920 -- Donald Fyson, Université Laval (Histoire)
Building a Public Police Force? The Emergence and the Activities of Police Commissars in Belgian Cities from the Directory to Napoleon -- Antoine Renglet, University of Namur (History)
Discussant: Cary Federman, Montclair State University (Justice Studies)

Discretionary Justice: Patterns and Personalities
Chair: W. Wesley Pue, University of British Columbia (History)
Capital Punishment is Both Unorthodox and Unchristian: Executions and the Debate Over Capital Punishment in New Brunswick, 1869-1957 -- Michael Boudreau, St. Thomas University (Criminology & Criminal Justice)
Fugitives from Injustice: Gubernatorial Discretion over Extradition in Depression-Era America  -- Richard Hamm, State University of New York at Albany (History)
Execution and Pardon the Old Bailey, 1730-1837: A Preliminary Analysis -- Simon Devereaux, University of Victoria (History)
Classifying Clemency in New York State, from the Mid-Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Century  -- Carolyn Strange, Australian National University (History); Joseph Gibbons, University at Albany, SUNY (Sociology)
Discussant: W. Wesley Pue, University of British Columbia (History)

Racialized Legal Categories: The Role of the State and its Consequences
Chair: Michael Fortner, Rutgers University (Political Science and Public Policy and Administration)
White by Law, Not in Practice: Explaining the Gulf in Citizenship Acquisition between Mexican and European Immigrants, 1930 -- Cybelle Fox, University of California, Berkeley (Sociology); Irene Bloemraad, University of California, Berkeley (Sociology)
From Laurendeau-Dunton to Bouchard-Taylor: The Rise and Fall of Multiculturalism in Canada, 1962-2008  -- Lee Blanding, University of Victoria (History)
Creation in Classification: Struggle over Racial Categories in the São Paulo Criminal Justice System, 1888-2008 -- Laura Mangels, University of California, Berkeley (Sociology)

I'm on a panel titled Social Workers, Lawyers, and the Construction of the American Liberal State
Chair: Lloyd Bonfield, New York Law School (History)
The Gendered Battle for Legal Aid: Lawyers, Social Workers, and the Poor -- Felice Batlan, Chicago Kent School of Law (Law)
Human Needs and Legal Rights: Social Workers and Lawyers in New Deal Welfare Administration -- Karen Tani, University of California, Berkeley (Law School)
Women Lawyers and Women's Legal Equality: Reflections on Women Lawyers at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago -- Mary Jane Mossman, Osgoode Hall Law School (Law)
Discussant: Lloyd Bonfield, New York Law School (History)

Imperialism, Capitalism, and Sovereignty: Forms of Modern International Law
Chair: Andrew Sartori, New York University (History)
Territorial Sovereignty and Extraterritorial Privilege: A Foreigner's Right to Travel in 1870s Japan -- Douglas Howland, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (History)
Acquiring Sovereignty before the Right to Self-Determination: Dissolving the Standard of Civilization in the Semi-Periphery -- Arnulf Becker-Lorca, Brown University (International Relations)
Political Economy and Treaty Relations: Capitalist Logics of Governance  -- Stacie Kent, University of Chicago (History)
Envisioning a New Economy of English Law: Universal Jurisprudence and Codification in Nineteenth-Century England and India -- Robert Stern, University of Chicago (History)
Discussant: Andrew Sartori, New York University (History)

Crime, Society, and the State  
Chair: Tamara Myers, University of British Columbia (History)
Commerce and Crime, Law and Luxury in Eighteenth-Century England -- Francis Dodsworth, The Open University (CRESC / Sociology)
Civil Society and Crime in a Northern European Port City, 1850-1940 -- Glenn Svedin, Mid-Sweden University (History)
Northern Delinquents: Conducting Juvenile Conduct in post-World War II Northern British Columbia -- Jonathan Swainger, University of Northern British Columbia (History)
Discussant: Tamara Myers, University of British Columbia (History)

Tensions in the Relationship Between Violence against Women, Citizenship, and Human Rights
Chair: Anna Korteweg, University of Toronto (Sociology)
Economics, Politics, and Education: The Global Gender Gap and Female Homicide Victimization -- Martha Smithey, Texas Tech University (SASW)
Katheryne Harville, Texas Tech University (SASW)
The Due Diligence Principle and Violence against Women: the Movement Towards Customary International Law -- Paulina Garcia-Del Moral, University of Toronto (Sociology)
Megan Dersnah, University of Toronto (Political Science); Ron Levi, University of Toronto (Criminology and Socio-legal Studies)
Political Mobilization of Kurdish Women: Narratives of Violence, Human Rights, and Migration -- Hayrunnisa Goksel, Northwestern University (Sociology)
State, Law and Sexual Violence: Making of Gendered Citizenship in Turkey -- Tugce Ellialti, University of Pennsylvania (Sociology)
Two Logics of Citizenship: Feminist Efforts to Address Violence Against Non-Status Women in Canada -- Salina Abji, University of Toronto (Sociology)

Author Meets Critics: Daniel Berkowitz and Karen Clay, The Evolution of a Nation: How Geography and Law Shaped the American States
Chair: Evan Roberts, University of Minnesota (History)
Discussants: Daniel Berkowitz, University of Pittsburgh (Economics)
Karen Clay, Carnegie Mellon University (Economics and Public Policy)
Douglas Allen, Simon Fraser University (Economics)
Cherie Metcalf, Queen's University (Law)
Richard Steckel, Ohio State University (Economics)
Richard Sutch, University of California (Economics)

State and Local Tax Policy in the US
Chair: Camille Walsh, University of Washington (American Studies)
California Budget Gridlock, 2004-2010 -- Isaac Speer, University of California, Los Angeles (Sociology)
When Do Americans Vote For Tax Increases? The Politics of Tax Ballot Measures Since 1970 -- Vanessa Williamson, Harvard University (Government and Social Policy)
Sin Taxes -- Michele Darling, University of Virginia (Sociology)
Discussant: Camille Walsh, University of Washington (American Studies)

Round Table: On the Edge: New Histories of Delinquency Regulation
Chair: Tamara Myers, University of British Columbia (History)
Discussants: Eric Schneider, University of Pennsylvania (Urban Studies/History)
Bill Bush, University of Nevada - Las Vegas (History)
Jessica Pliley, Texas State University - San Marcos (History)
Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, University of California, Davis (Chicana/o Studies)