Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Recasting Presidential History: Now Downloadable!

Earlier we noted the conference "Recasting Presidential History" at the Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.  Just in time for Election Day, the proceedings are now viewable on line and downloadable as video or audio files.  Here is the program:

The State of the Field
Chair, Steve Gillon, University of Oklahoma
Comment, Ira Katznelson, Columbia University
Paper, Bruce Schulman, Boston University, “Presidential History: Its Potential and its Discontents”
Paper, Stephen Skowronek, Yale University, “Recasting Presidential History: A Prequel”

Presidents and the Political Structure
Chair, Sidney Milkis, University of Virginia
Comment, William Galston, Brookings Institution
Paper, Gareth Davies, University of Oxford, “The Presidential Politics of Disaster: From Coolidge to Bush”
Paper, Daniel Galvin, Northwestern University “Taking the Long View: Presidents in a System Stacked Against Them”

Presidents and the Economy
Chair, Brian Balogh, University of Virginia
Comment, Jacob Hacker, Yale University
Paper, Michael Bernstein, Tulane University, “American Presidential Authority and Economic Expertise Since World War II”
Paper, Cathie Jo Martin, Boston University “Parties and Presidential Capacities for Coalition

Presidents in the World
Ambassador William C. Battle Symposium on American Diplomacy
Chair, Emily Rosenberg, UC Irvine
Comment, Melvyn Leffler, University of Virginia
Paper, Frank Costigliola, University of Connecticut “Personal Dynamics and Presidential Transitions”
Paper, William Hitchcock, University of Virginia “Ike's World: Ideology and Power in Eisenhower's National Strategy”

Presidents and the Social Structure
Chair, John Judis, The New Republic
Comment, Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University
Paper, Darren Dochuk, Washington University in St. Louis, “There Will Be Oil: Presidential Politics, Wildcat Religion, and the Culture Wars of Pipeline Politics”
Paper, Robert Self, Brown University, “The Reagan Devolution: Conservative Critics and the Right’s Days of Rage”

Presidents and our Cultures of Politics
Chair, James Kloppenberg, Harvard University
Comment, Daniel Rodgers, Princeton University
Paper, Grace Elizabeth Hale, University of  Virginia, “Outsider in Chief:  Presidents and the Politics of Authenticity and Emotion”
Paper, Alice O’Connor, UC Santa Barbara, “Narrator in Chief: Presidents and the
Politics of Economic Crisis from FDR to Barack Obama”

Presidents and the Media
Chair, Allison Silver, Reuters
Comment, Michael Schudson, Columbia University
Paper, Susan Douglas, University of Michigan, “The Presidency, Media Affordances and Media Aptitudes”
Paper, David Greenberg, Rutgers University“The Presidency, the News Media and the Public”

Update: Here's HNN's report on the conference.

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