Friday, June 8, 2007

6 months, 1 blogger, 50,000 visits

On November 27, 2006, the Legal History Blog was launched. The next day, Eric Muller kindly informed this new and clueless blogger about site meters. Since then, readers have visited over 50,000 times.

You are from all continents except Antarctica and from over 100 countries (my country counter tops out at 99). Early and steady readers were from Bosnia and Herzegovina, various parts of the U.K., Japan, China, Taiwan, Brazil, the Netherlands and of course Canada. Soon, readers from Russia, Poland, France, Germany, Norway, Turkey, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Iraq, Iran, India, and many other countries joined in. The greatest number of readers come from all over the United States.

I began this blog because I thought the field of legal history needed something like this. (Another reason, which only some of you will truly understand, is that it is a very good idea for every parent of a teenager to have a hobby.) I wondered whether anyone would be interested in reading it. 50,000 visits in half a year seems more than enough of a reason to keep going.

Thank you for visiting!