Monday, June 4, 2007

Goin' to New Orleans

Legal History blogging this week will be from New Orleans, where I will be at the Amistad Research Center. The Amistad Center holds many important African American history and civil rights history collections. I'll be looking especially at the papers of the American Committee on Africa, which may hold some secrets of a transnational 20th century American legal history story...

The Amistad Center is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, and needs support from friends of history. The New Orleans Public Library was one of the LHB recommended legal history-related beneficiaries of your end-of-the-year charitable contributions for 2006, and NOPL also still needs your help. For information about how to support the Amistad Center, go here. For information about the New Orleans Public Library and for more ideas about how to support legal history, go here.

If any LHB readers will be at the Amistad Center this week, I can be found there TWTh, or via email off-hours.


Mojave Joe said...

Don't miss:
a) the Camellia Grill (recently reopened) at St Charles and Carollton (take the trolley).

b) Napolean House in the French Quarter (for a muffaleta and a glass(es) of wine).

c) the Columns Hotel (if it's open) on St Charles.

d) Masperos (French Quarter) for lunch.

Mary L. Dudziak said...

Thank you for the tips!

To add my recommendations: in the French Quarter, for dinner, NOLA and Bayona are worth a trip to New Orleans. New Orleans is coming back, and needs your business. If for nothing else, go for the incomparable food.

I'll post more about this later, but two things: it is certainly safe to travel there, with parts of the city serving tourists operating normally (many streetcars not up until perhaps August, however).

If you've thought about volunteering and wondered whether those one-week trips do any good -- everyone I spoke to said that the volunteer efforts were essential to helping some areas begin to come back.

There remains extensive devastation in many neighborhoods. You have to make an effort to see it. I hired a local cab driver to take me around. New Orleans continues to need a national commitment to restore and rebuild the city.