Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Using this blog for fellowship research

The Legal History Blog often posts announcements and news about fellowships and research grants. I was happy to learn this spring that one reader was awarded a substantial fellowship from a somewhat obscure source after finding out about it on the blog. Others have successfully used the tips I occasionally post. The blog is not a fellowship clearinghouse, however, and I don't post every relevant deadline every year. Here's how you can use the blog to access previous posts, getting you to as much information as this site has to offer.

The "Labels" on the left side left the blog are the key. By clicking on two different labels, you should be able to scroll through all fellowship-related posts that have appeared on this blog. Start with Fellowships, Grants, Honors, and Awards. Then click on Fellowships, Grants, and Awards (same category, previous title -- I will consolidate them some day when I have time). There are over ninety posts in all. To see everything, when you get to the bottom of a page, click on "older posts" to continue.

You can also simply use the search function. Results for a search for "fellowship" are here. You will still need to click on "older posts" at the bottom of the page. A search for "fellowship advice" turns up the most important general posts about searching for fellowships. If you're starting your search, those posts are a good place to begin:

How to Get a Fellowship

How to Get a Fellowship: Tips for Law Faculty (some tips here apply to any fellowship applicants)

The right time to begin planning for next year's fellowship applications is...NOW

If you're planning to apply in the fall, start working on it now, and apply for everything you can find that's relevant. Good luck!