Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Round-Up

  • In honor of Earth Day, Heather Cox Richardson pays tribute to Christopher Stone's famous law review article on the legal rights of forests, oceans, and other "natural objects" ("Should Trees Have Standing?"). Check it out at the Historical Society.
  • Readers who study civil rights may be interested to learn about the re-discovery of a cache of old files in the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office (hat tip to Al Brophy at the Faculty Lounge; we join him in sending our thoughts to the Tuscaloosa community in the wake of the devastating tornado)
  • For Alabama tornado relief, links for those who would like to donate are here, with thanks to Al Brophy.
    • The George Washington University Law Library has announced a position for a reference librarian to specialize in legal history and rare books.
    • Here is the call for papers for the Fourteenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, to be held August 5-11, 2012, at Saint Michael's College, University of Toronto.
    • The latest issue of On Our Way, the newsletter of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, is now on-line. It includes an account of the Library's exhibit on the anniversary of the Social Security Act.
    • Just in time for Law Day, Evansville, Indiana, lawyers, in historical garb, paraded to the old county courthouse yesterday and impersonated leading figures in the history of the local bar. The story here.
    The Weekend Round-up is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History Bloggers.