Monday, August 29, 2011

University of Virginia Legal History Workshop

The University of Virginia School of Law announces the participants in our legal history workshop this academic year. Here are the presenters and the titles of their workshop papers: 


October 10: Allison Tirres, DePaul Law School
Title: “Contested Terrain: Citizenship in the Borderlands during Civil War and Reconstruction”

November 14: Ed Larson, Pepperdine Law School
            Title:   “The Constitutionality of Lame-Duck Lawmaking: The History, Intent, and Meaning of the Twentieth Amendment”

November 28: Cynthia Nicolletti: Mississippi College of Law
            Title:  "International Law and the American Civil War"

February 13: Mitra Sharafi, University of Wisconsin Law School
            Title TBA

March 12: Kara Swanson, Northeastern University Law School
            Title: “Reproductive Medicine in the Legal Shadows:  Artificial Insemination, 1890-1950”

April 9: Al Brophy, University of North Carolina Law School
Title: “The Jurisprudence of Slavery and Freedom at the University of Virginia – History, Natural      Law, and Utility, 1831-1861”

April 23: Deborah Dinner, Washington University in St. Louis Law School
Title: “Costs of Life: Maternal Employment, Reproductive Choice, & the Debate over Pregnancy Disability Benefits”