Wednesday, March 5, 2014

LPBR Reviews Puddister, McGinnis & Rappoport, Hirabayashi, and More

The Law & Politics Book Review is out with a new batch of reviews. Items of interest include:
Kate Puddister (Department of Political Science, McGill University) reviews Grace Li Xiu Woo, GHOST DANCING WITH COLONIALISM: DECOLONIZATION AND INDIGENOUS RIGHTS AT THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA (UBC Press, 2011).
Whitley Kaufman (Departments of Philosophy and Global Studies, University of Massachusetts Lowell) reviews John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappoport, ORIGINALISM AND THE GOOD CONSTITUTION (Harvard University Press, 2013).

James C. Foster (Political Science, Oregon State University-Cascades) reviews Gordon K. Hirabayashi with James A. Hirabayashi and Lane Rio Hirabayashi, A PRINCIPLED STAND: THE STORY OF HIRABAYASHI v. UNITED STATES (University of Washington Press, 2013).

Jeffrey Sanders (Department of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies, Montana State University-Billings) reviews Shelley A.M. Gavigan, HUNGER, HORSES, AND GOVERNMENT MEN: CRIMINAL LAW ON THE ABORIGINAL PLAINS, 1870-1905 (UBC Press. 2012).

Aaron J. Ley (Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of North Dakota) reviews Alexander Wohl, FATHER, SON, AND CONSTITUTION: HOW JUSTICE TOM CLARK AND ATTORNEY GENERAL RAMSEY CLARK SHAPED AMERICAN DEMOCRACY (University Press of Kansas, 2013).

Staci L. Beavers (Department of Political Science, California State University San Marcos) reviews Yasuhide Kawashima, THE TOKYO ROSE CASE: TREASON ON TRIAL (University Press of Kansas, 2013).