Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Voices

[I'm moving this up to correct my mistaken assumption that New Voices is an on-line journal.  It's not: its an ink-on-paper journal, and it will appear on Westlaw as part of the Journal of Law.]

Here's word from Vanderbilt Law's Suzanna Sherry, of a new journal for the work of law students, which she and Daniel J. Hay edit:
 I’ve just started a new journal, and I need your submissions of your students’ top-quality work. New Voices will publish only student papers submitted by professors – you submit it with an explanation of why readers should be interested, and if we’re persuaded we edit and publish it along with your explanation as a preface. [The first issue] includes a description of the journal and information on how to submit your students’ papers. The deadline for the next issue is coming up soon, so if you taught a seminar or sponsored an independent project any time in the past year or so, pick out the best paper(s) and send it/them to me right away! And spread the word.
And, while we're on the subject, don't forget the Yale model for disseminating student work in legal history.