Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The 10-Minute Approach to Writing. Every. Day.

Gregory Semenza's (U Conn-English) recent post about how to make time for writing caught my eye. In a Chronicle of Higher Education column entitled "The Value of 10 Minutes: Writing Time for the Timeless Academic," Semenza advises that instead of spending brief windows of time between meetings or other tasks surfing the web or otherwise distracted, use those intervals to comply with the dictate to Write. Every. Day. Those snatches of productivity add up and can make writing less daunting. What terrific advice! And it's easy to customize the idea to fit one's own schedule (e.g. the 20-minute or 30-minute method), if a different time interval strikes you as more suitable. (Whatever strategy you choose, of course you should still surf here, at the Legal History Blog, during your downtime!)