Monday, January 26, 2015

AJLH 55:1 (January 2015)

Here is the TOC for the American Journal of Legal History 55:1 (January 2015).  This is a special issue, “Essays in Honor of Lawrence J. Reilly on the Occasion of His Retirement as Editor of the American Journal of Legal History.”  (Hat tip: Robert Jarvis.)

John F. Necci, “My Friend Larry”

Thomas A. Green and Merrill Catharine Hodnefield, “Reflections on Freedom and Criminal Responsibility in Late Twentieth Century American Legal Thought”

Timothy S. Huebner, “Emory Speer and Federal Enforcement of the Rights of African Americans, 1880-1910"

Robert M. Jarvis, “Aboitiz & Co. v. Price:  Some Lingering Questions”

M.C. Mirow, “Law in East Florida 1783-1821"

Eric W. Rise, “Crime, Comity and Civil Rights: The NAACP and the Extradition of Southern Black Fugitives”