Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ABF-Chicago Area Legal History Workshop, 2017-18

The schedule is out for the Chicago Area Legal History Workshop, sponsored by the American Bar Foundation and organized this year by Victoria Saker Woeste.  It convenes in the the 4th floor Woods Room at the American Bar Foundation, 750 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, at 4 PM, with coffee and sweets provided.

Wednesday, Sept. 27 – Vicky Woeste, American Bar Foundation:  “Practicing God’s Law in a Secular World:  The Lawyers of the Westboro Baptist Church, 1964-2011”

Wednesday, Oct. 25 – Matthew Lindsay, University of Baltimore School of Law

Wednesday, Nov. 15 – Felice Batlan, Chicago-Kent School of Law

Monday, Dec. 4 – Sarah Seo, University of Iowa Law School

Wednesday, Jan. 24 – Joanna Grisinger, Center for Legal Studies, Northwestern University

Wednesday, Feb. 28 – Sally Hadden, Department of History, Western Michigan University

Wednesday, March 21 – Felicia Kornbluh, Departments of History and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, University of Vermont

Wednesday, April 25 –  Justin Simard, Center for Legal Studies, Northwestern University

Wednesday, May 23 – Evelyn Atkinson, Department of History, University of Chicago