Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Muller on the Wounding of Japanese American Loyalty

Eric L. Muller, University of North Carolina School of Law, has posted The War Relocation Authority and the Wounding of Japanese American Loyalty, which appeared in volume 86 of Social Research (Fall 2019):
Manzanar Relocation Center (LC)
Loyalty and disloyalty were central concepts in the wartime imprisonment of Japanese Americans. A presumption of disloyalty landed Japanese Americans in concentration camps and then an inquest into loyalty and disloyalty determined who would be granted permission to depart from camp and who would be driven into a deeper incarceration called “segregation.” This article narrates the story of a single man’s shattering experience with the government’s mechanism for loyalty screening. It illustrates the incoherence of a security program built around loyalty, the blindness of those who administered it, and its devastating impact on Japanese Americans’ lives. 
--Dan Ernst