Tuesday, April 14, 2020

AJLH 60:1

American Journal of Legal History 60:1 (March 2020) has been published.  Here is the TOC. 

Editorial     Felice Batlan; Stefan Vogenauer

AJLH Alfred L. Brophy Prize   


The Hermit and the Boa Constrictor: Jeremy Bentham, Henry Brougham, and the Accessibility of Justice   
Chris Riley

‘The Great Britain of the South’: the Law of Contract in Early Colonial New Zealand   
Warren Swain

The Background to Riggs v. Palmer   
William B Meyer

The Historical Evolution of Allegiance During Occupation   
Manuel Galvis Martinez

Book Reviews

Alfred L. Brophy, University, Court, & Slave: Pro-Slavery Thought in Southern Colleges & Courts & the Coming of Civil War    
Kelly Kennington

Jean-Christophe Gaven, Le Crime de Lèse-nation: Histoire d'une Invention Juridique et Politique
Chrystelle Gazeau

Aniceto Masferrer, ed., The Western Codification of Criminal Law: A Revision of the Myth of its Predominant French Influence   
Luigi Lacchè