Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Legal History at LSA

A wholly virtual annual meeting of the Law and Society Association begins today.  Legal history sessions may be identified by searching here using CRN 44 for the Law & History Collaborative Research Network or “legal history” as a keyword. The CRN 44 sessions are:

Developing Scholarship in the Legal History of Journalism: Time to Talk
New Books in South Asian Legal Studies
New Histories of Legal Culture, Legal Consciousness, and the Rule of Law
Legal Histories of Criminal Law, Policing, and Imprisonment
The Carceral State in Crisis: Contested Penal Orders in the Late Twentieth-Century United States
Law, Rights, Identity, and Power
Histories of Legal Activism in the 20th Century United States
New Histories of Commercial Law
The Law of Hamilton: An American Musical

--Dan Ernst