Thursday, December 7, 2006

Call for applications: African programme on Rethinking Development Economics

Call for applications: APORDE - African programme on Rethinking Development Economics
APORDE is a 12-day, fully-funded, high-level training in heterodox development economics that will be held in South Africa in May 2007 (13-25). Aporde aims at building capacity in developing countries, and selected participants will be drawn from academia, governments, and civil society. Some of the best economists in the world will be teaching at the Programme, including Alice Amsden (MIT) and Ha-Joon Chang (Cambridge).
Participants will gain access to alternatives to mainstream thinking on development issues and to be equipped in a way that will foster original thinking. Topics will include industrial policy, poverty, financial crises and violent conflicts. Day lectures will last for three and a half hours, while a number of shorter evening lectures will also be organised. Three research workshops gathering several lecturers will be held around overarching themes.
APORDE is a joint initiative of the South African Department of Trade and Industry (The Dti) and the French Institute and Embassy in South Africa. Nicolas Pons-Vignon (IFAS) is Aporde Course director.
Please visit the website for more info on how to apply and for the provisional programme: here.