Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Recent Scholarship in Legal and Constitutional History

The Journal of American History is no longer publishing lists of recent scholarship in each issue. Instead, recent scholarship is more easily available on-line. The Recent Scholarship page is here. For each issue, the list is broken down by subject area. The December list of recent scholarship in Legal and Constitutional History is here. Highlights include:

  • Finkelman, Paul, “Thomas Jefferson, Original Intent, and the Shaping of American Law: Learning Constitutional Law from the Writings of Jefferson,” New York University Annual Survey of American Law, 62 (no. 1, 2006), 45–84.
  • Harris, Angela P., “From Stonewall to the Suburbs? Toward a Political Economy of Sexuality,” William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal, 14 (April 2006), 1539–82.
  • Hobson, Charles F., “Defining the Office: John Marshall as Chief Justice,” University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 154 (June 2006), 1421–61.
  • Mashaw, Jerry L., “Recovering American Administrative Law: Federalist Foundations, 1787–1801,” Yale Law Journal, 115 (April 2006), 1256–1344.
  • Wexler, Natalie, “In the Beginning: The First Three Chief Justices,” University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 154 (June 2006), 1373–1419.
  • White, G. Edward, “The Internal Powers of the Chief Justice: The Nineteenth-Century Legacy,” University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 154 (June 2006), 1463–1510.
  • Harrigan, James R., “The Legal Context for Revolution: Common, Constitutional, and Natural Law in the American Colonies, 1760–1776” (Claremont Graduate University, 2006). Order No. DA3192282.
  • Birdnow, Brian E., Communism, Anti-Communism, and the Federal Courts in Missouri, 1952–1958: The Trial of the St. Louis Five. (Lewiston, N.Y.: Mellen, 2005. iv, 227 pp. $109.95, isbn 0-7734-6101-9.)
  • Kahn, Ronald, and Ken I. Kersch, eds., The Supreme Court and American Political Development. (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2006. x, 494 pp. Cloth, $45.00, isbn 0-7006-1438-9. Paper, $19.95, isbn 0-7006-1439-7.)
  • Killenbeck, Mark R., M’Culloch v. Maryland: Securing a Nation. (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2006. xii, 227 pp. Cloth, $35.00, isbn 0-7006-1472-9. Paper, $16.95, isbn 0-7006-1473-7.)
  • Ritter, Gretchen, The Constitution as Social Design: Gender and Civic Membership in the American Constitutional Order. (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2006. xiv, 381 pp. Cloth, $70.00, isbn 978-0-8047-5378-4. Paper, $29.95, isbn 978-0-8047-5438-5.)