Wednesday, December 6, 2006

New Volume on Nuremberg

From John Barrett, St. Johns, the talented biographer of Justice Robert Jackson, comes this announcement:

I am pleased to report that K.G. Saur Verlag of Munich has published a new book, The Nuremberg Trials: International Criminal Law Since 1945 (Die Nürnberger Prozesse: Völkerstrafrecht seit 1945) (Herbert R. Reginbogin & Christoph J.M. Safferling, eds., in collaboration with Walter R. Hippel).

This book, which grows out of Touro Law Center’s July 2005 conference in Nuremberg commemorating the 60th anniversary of the start of the international trial, contains many chapters in English, some chapters in German, a summary of each English chapter in German, and a summary of each German chapter in English.

The book’s contents include:

· Introduction—Lessons of Nuremberg
I. History and National Perspectives of the IMT at Nuremberg
· Raymond M. Brown, The American Perspective on Nuremberg: A Case of Cascading Ironies
· David Cesarani, The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg: British Perspectives
· Hervé Ascensio, The French Perspective
· Michael J. Bazyler, The Role of the Soviet Union in the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg
· Albin Eser, Das internationale Militärtribunal von Nüberg aus deutscher Perspektive (The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg from a German Perspective)

II. Different Perspectives on the Nuremberg Trials
· Michael T. Marrus, A Jewish Lobby at Nuremberg: Jacob Robinson and the Institute of Jewish Affairs, 1945-46
· Donald Bloxham, Genocide on Trial: Law and Collective Memory
· Sam Garawe, The Role and Rights of Victims at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal
· Lawrence Douglas, History and Memory in the Courtroom: Reflections on Perpetrator Trials
· Whitney R. Harris, Tyranny on Trial – Trial of Major German War Criminals at Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946

III. Civilized People—Heinous Crimes, Philosophical-Historical Perspectives
· Herbert R. Reginbogin, Confronting “Crimes Against Humanity,” from Leipzig to the Nuremberg Trials
· Klaus Kastner, Rückblick: NSDAP, Reichsparteitage, Rassengesetze (In Retrospect: Nazi Party, the Rallies, the Racial Laws)
· John Q. Barrett, “One Good Man”: The Jacksonian Shape of Nuremberg
· Rodger D. Citron, The Nuremberg Trials and American Jurisprudence: The Decline of Legal Realism and the Revival of Natural Law

IV. The Later Nuremberg Trials
· Benjamin Ferencz, The Einsatzgruppen Trial
· Louise Harmon, The Doctors’ Trial at Nuremberg
· Harry Reicher, The Jurists’ Trial and Lessons for the Rule of Law
· Roland Bank, The Role of German Industry: From Individual Criminal Responsibility of Some to a Broadly Shared Responsibility for Compensatory Payments
· Lisa Yavnai, Military Justice: War Crimes Trials in the American Zone of Occupation in Germany, 1945-1947

V. National Prosecution in Germany, Israel, Australia & Other Nations
· Hinrich Rüping, Zwischen Recht und Politik: Die Ahndung von NS-Taten in beiden deutschen Staaten nach 1945 (Between Law and Politics: The Prosecution of NS-Criminals in the Two German States after 1945)
· Rebecca Wittmann, The Normalization of Nazi Crime in Postwar West German Trials
· Hon. Gabriel Bach, Genocide (Holocaust) Trials in Israel
· Greg James, A Summary of the History of Nazi War Crime Trials in Australia

VI. Germany’s Attitude towards International Criminal Law
· Claus Kress, Germany and International Criminal Law: Continuity or Change?

VII. The Legacy of Nuremberg
· Hon. Hans-Peter Kaul, The International Criminal Court: Key Features and Current Challenges
· Anne Bayefsky, The Legacy of Numerberg
· Wanda M. Akin, Nuremberg, Justice and the Beast of Impunity
· Andreas Zimmermann, Das juristische Erbe von Nümberg – Das Statut des Nümberger Internationalem Militärtribunals und der Internationale Stragerichtshof (The Judicial Legacy of Nuremrberg – The Statute of the International Military Tribunal of Nuremberg and the International Criminal Court)
· Dan Derby, Enforcment of Nuremberg Norms: The Role for Mechanisms other than the ICC
· Roger P. Alford, War Reparations, the Holocaust, and the ICC

VIII. Totalitarianism and German Resistance
· Winfried Heinemann, Das Attentat auf Hitler: 20 Juli 1944 und die Geschichte des deustschen Widerstands (The Plot to Kill Hitler: July 20, 1944 and the Story of the German Resistance Movement)
· Joachim Gauck, Totalitarismus im 3 Reich und in der DDR – eine vergleichende Analyse (Under Totalitarian Regimes: A Comparative Analysis of National Socialism and the German Democratic Republic)

IX. A Different Story
· Robert Wolfson, Liberating Perspectives

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