Monday, December 18, 2006

Kanner Prize for bibliographical and historical guide to research on women or gender history

Barbara "Penny" Kanner Prize
The Western Association of Women Historians will award $500 to the best scholarly bibliographical and historical guide to research focused on women or gender history. The Kanner Award is intended to promote the practice of bibliomethodology or autobiography in historical context.The bibliomethodology award should reflect the critical tools of the historian’s craft as they have been developed to provide research guides rather than library catalogues. The autobiography in historical context award should reflect the craft of history as developed and interpreted in individual lives. Book-length submissions are preferred but substantial guides in other forms (articles or book chapters) may also be considered. The bibliographical and the autobiography awards will be given in alternate years, with submissions for each award considered for two-year intervals from the date of publication. The 2007 award will be for bibliomethodology and published in 2005 or2006. KANNER PRIZE DEADLINE FOR 2007 IS POSTMARKED BY JANUARY 15, 2007. For submission information, click here.

WAWH dissertation, article and book awards, limited to members the organization, also have a Jan. 15 deadline and are announced here.