Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"6 Things Your Dissertation Director Wishes You Knew"

The Chronicle of Higher Ed always keeps it real. This week Brainstorm blogger Gina Barreca (University of Connecticut) tells graduate students "6 Things Your Dissertation Director Wishes You Knew."

As a not-too-distant grad student, I can say that some of these might sting:
4. We do not feel the same away about all of our students. Just because we took our last advisee to dinner, does not necessarily mean that we are going to dine with you once a month. . . .
But others I think all graduate students need to hear :
6. The reason we’re working with you is that we want you to succeed. If we stopped believing there was a possibility that you’d finish, we’d have one of those long hard talks over a cup of coffee. . . .
All you dissertation directors out there: other "wish you knews"?