Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Legal History at SHEAR

The annual conference of the Society of Historians of the Early American Republic starts this Thursday in Baltimore.  The full program of the conference can be found here.  A number of panels may be of particular interest to blog readers:

Friday, July 20

10:30-11:45: Citizens: Membership and Political Identity in the American Republics
PRESIDING: Christopher Tomlins, University of California, Irvine 
Erika Pani, El Colegio de México
Nancy Isenberg, Louisiana State University
Douglas Bradburn, SUNY-Binghamton University
Holly Brewer, University of Maryland
Louise Pubols, Oakland Museum of California 
COMMENT: the Audience
2:00-3:45: The Revolution in Religion: Loyalism, Disestablishment, and Politics
PRESIDING: Ruth Alden Doan, Hollins University
The Landscape of Belief: Disestablishment and Property
Sarah Barringer Gordon, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Politics of Faith: The Loyalism of Rev. John Stuart
Stephanie Corrigan, University of Delaware  
Spiritualism and Social Action: Alliances for Social Change in the Early Republic
Mark McGarvie, University of Richmond 
COMMENT: Peter C. Hoffer, University of Georgia
Saturday, July 21

9:00-10:45: Land, Labor, and War: The Emergence of America’s Central State, 1780-1840
(pre-circulated paper available at conference website)
PRESIDING: Harry Watson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
Land, Labor, and War: The Emergence of America’s Central State, 1780-1840 
Gary Gerstle, Vanderbilt University 
COMMENT: Elizabeth Blackmar, Columbia University
Adam Rothman, Georgetown University 

11:00-12:45:  The Law and Post-Colonial America: Structures and Misadventures
PRESIDING: Annette Gordon-Reed, Harvard University

“The Means of Preventing Disputes with Foreign Nations”: The Federal Courts and Foreign Relations in the 1790s
Kevin Arlyck, New York University

Being Seen Like a State: The Constitution and Its Foreign Audiences at the FoundingDaniel Hulsebosch, New York University

The Liberal Filibuster: Anglo-Mirandistas and Atlantic Imperialism on TrialTimothy A. Milford, St. John’s University

COMMENT: Deborah Rosen, Lafayette College

11:00-12:45: Slavery, Movement, and the Law: New Approaches to Gradual Abolition
(hopefully close to the session above)
PRESIDING: Daniel Hamilton, University of Illinois 
“Not very Fanatical on the Subject of Slavery:” Fugitive Slaves and the Persistence of Slavery in New Jersey, 1804-1846 
James Gigantino, University of Arkansas 
The Conflict of Laws in the Crossing of Borders: Slavery and Antislavery Movement in Early Republican New York 
Sarah Levine-Gronningsater, University of Chicago 
Gradual Immediatism: The Abolition of Baltimore’s Transatlantic Slave Trade Craig Hollander, Johns Hopkins University 
COMMENT: Gautham Rao, American University
Daniel Hamilton
2:00-3:45:  Nationalism and Partisanship in the Antebellum Era
PRESIDING: Michael Birkner, Gettysburg College 
“Fidelity and Firmness”: Northern Democrats and the Crises of 1850
Michael Landis, Sacred Heart University 
Republican Brotherhood
Martin Herschock, Univ. of Michigan-Dearborn 
Proslavery Nationalism and Antislavery States' Rights Activities: Why the South was Really Opposed to States' Rights on the Eve of the Civil War
Paul Finkelman, Albany Law School 
COMMENT: Chandra Manning, Georgetown University
Sunday, July 22

9:00-10:45: Law in the Early Republic
Presiding:  Ben Brown, University of California, Berkeley 
Murder in the Shenandoah:  The Case of Commonwealth v. John Crane, the Younger
Jessica K. Lowe, Princeton University 
A Slave’s Only Legal Right: Freedom Suits in the American States
Peter Wallenstein, Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
The Indians’ Constitution: Uncovering the Native History of the Framing
Gregory Ablavsky, University of Pennsylvania 
COMMENT:   Alfred Brophy, University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill 
(As you can see, I'm hoping a few of you can tough it out until Sunday morning, so there are at least as many people in the audience as on the panel).  There are many other great papers, and I hope to bring some of the highlights from the panels in subsequent posts.  Hope to see many of you there!)