Saturday, July 28, 2012

Readers Thank Mary Dudziak

Our comment feed is a bit obscure, so I want to spotlight some of your responses to Mary's recent "signing off" post:
Gautham Rao: All students of legal history owe you a tremendous debt, Mary. Thank you for founding this great forum!

Tom Gallanis: Many, many thanks to you, Mary, for founding the Legal History Blog and making it such a success. Very best wishes on your new endeavors at Emory!

Alfred Brophy: We're going to miss you, Mary. On a happier note, welcome to the South!

Josh Stein: You have a built an enduring community. For that, we owe you our appreciation and gratitude. Thanks!

Paul Harvey: All our best, Mary, you helped inspire me to form the Religion in American History blog. Congratulations on what you have achieved here.

Patrick S. O'Donnell: I can only second the chorus of above comments. Wishing you all the best in your academic and other pursuits, Patrick
Serena Mayeri: Thank you for everything, Mary! You have transformed legal history online, and this remains the first and only blog to which I (enthusiastically) subscribe!

Dan Ernst: Thank you, Mary, for creating and perfecting this resource for the field and for others interested in legal history. We'll soldier on somehow without you.

Malick Ghachem: Congratulations Mary on a fantastic accomplishment/creation in the legal history blog and on your new role in Atlanta Much good wishes and we will look forward to continuing to read you.

Dean C. Rowan: Aside from stimulating my inherent interest in the subject, LHB has helped me with day-to-day professional work as a librarian on many, many occasions. Thank you, Mary, and thank all of the LHB contributors, for producing one of the most interesting and informative legal blogs around.
We miss you already, Mary, and we are looking forward to seeing what your garden grows.