Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Release: Mulcahy and Sugarman, "Legal Life-Writing: Marginalised Subjects and Sources"

New from Wiley-Blackwell: Legal Life-Writing: Marginalised Subjects and Sources (April 2015), by Linda Mulcahy (London School of Economics) and David Sugarman (Lancaster University). A description from the Press:
Legal Life-Writing provides the first sustained treatment of the implications of life-writing on legal biography, autobiography and the visual history of law in society through a focus on neglected sources, and on those usually marginalized or ignored in legal biography and legal history, such as women and minorities.
  • Draws on a range of sources and disciplinary approaches including legal history, life-writing, sociology, history, art history, feminism and post-colonialism, seeking to build a bridge-head between them
  • Challenges the methodologies employed in conventional accounts of legal lives
  • Aims to ignite debate about the nature of the relationship between socio-legal studies and legal history
  • Aims to enlarge the fields of legal biography, legal history, history and socio-legal studies, and to foster a closer and more inter-disciplinary dialogue between these disciplines 
More information is available here.

Hat tip: Mitra Sharafi