Monday, August 29, 2016

Harvard Law School European Legal History Workshop

Here is the lineup for the public sessions of the Harvard Law School European Legal History Workshop:
Monday, September 26 :
Ari Bryen – “Injury and Community in the Early Roman Empire.”

Monday, October 17 :
Simon Teuscher – “Knowing Kinship. Epistemologies of Relatedness in Medieval Law.”

Monday, October 31:
Michael Breen –  “‘Priests of the Law’ or ‘Vipers of the Commonwealth’: Legal Professionals, Legal Knowledge, and Litigiousness in Early Modern Europe.”

Monday, November 14 :
Dan Smail – “Torture, Contumacy, and the Law of Proof in Late Medieval Europe.”

Monday, November 21:
Nikolas Bowie, “Corporate Democracy: The First Amendment Fight between Boston and the Banks in 1978”
More information is available here.

Hat tip: Elizabeth Katz