Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vanderbilt's Legal History Colloquium: Fall 2016

Here is the line-up in the Fall 2016 Legal History Colloquium at the Vanderbilt History Department, sponsored by Vandy’s College of Arts and Sciences. Folks outside the Vanderbilt community are invited and may contact Alexander I. Jacobs, PhD, Lecturer and Events Coordinator in the History Department, for more information.  [alexander.i.jacobs@vanderbilt.edu]

October 7, Benson 200, 3:10pm

Philip Thai, Assistant Professor of History, Northeastern University. “Legal Shades of Grey: Coastal Trafficking, Underground Markets, and Symbiotic Economies in Socialist China."

November 7, Benson 200, 3:10pm

Sara McDougall, Associate Professor, John Jay College and the CUNY Graduate Center. “Bastards and Thrones in Medieval Europe, c.800-c.1230”

November 30, Benson 200, 3:10pm

Crystal Feimster, Associate Professor African American Studies, American Studies and History, Yale University, “Rape and Mutiny at Fort Jackson.”

December 7, Benson 200, 3:10 pm

Carla Masi Doria, Professor, Faculty of Jurisprudence, University of Naples Frederick II. “Freedwomen and the Senatus Consultum Claudianum:  Gender, Status, and Law in the Roman Empire.”