Wednesday, December 28, 2016

AALS Legal History Section ISO an Officer

[Anders Walker, St. Louis University School of Law, writes that the Legal History Section of the Association of American Law Schools is in search of candidates–including self-nominated ones--to stand for Treasurer of the section, an office that culminates in accession to the Section Chair.  Professor Walker also mentions the substance of the luncheon proceedings at next week's AALS meeting, a panel on Dean Risa Goluboff’s Vagrant Nation.  With his permission, here's his message.]


Only one week to go before our panel on Vagrant Nation at AALS.  At the end of our discussion, we'll reserve a few minutes for section business, including the nomination of a new Treasurer.  This is a multi-year commitment, that will culminate in serving as the Section Chair.  If interested in nominating someone, or serving yourself, let me know via email and I'll include your name on the list at the meeting.  We'll have a quick vote at the conclusion of the session.

Looking forward to next week,