Friday, December 2, 2016

Charles Donahue Honored

Charles Donahue (HLS)
We missed the Harvard Law School’s conference in honor of the Charles Donahue, the Paul A. Freund Professor of Law, when it was held back in October, but Harvard Law Today has just posted a nice report.  “Scholars came from around the country and around the world and spoke on topics related to medieval and early modern history. The day culminated with the presentation to Donahue of a festschrift, “Texts and Contexts in Legal History: Essays in Honor of Charles Donahue” (The Robbins Collection, University of California at Berkeley).”  John Witte, Jr., an editor of the volume, said, “[W]e owe our greatest thanks to Professor Donahue for his brilliant scholarship, teaching, and mentorship, for his generous humanity, fidelity, and integrity, and for the sterling example he offers to all of us of a gentleman’s scholarly life lived well. May it long continue!”