Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Global Conference on Rudolf von Jhering (1818-1892)

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Jhering Global: International Symposium on the occasion of Rudolf von Jhering’s 200th birthday

On 6 and 7 September 2018, the international symposium Jhering Global will be held in Hanover (Germany), marking the 200th anniversary of Rudolf von Jhering’s birth in 1818. It is organized by Professors Inge Kroppenberg (Georg August University Göttingen) and Stephan Meder (Leibniz University Hanover).

Jhering Global’s main intention is the development of a broad research perspective, both international and interdisciplinary, on the scientific work of Rudolf von Jhering (1818-1892). There is hardly a legal scholar whose work would be more suitable for this kind of research proposal than Jhering, whose impact on the fields of jurisprudence and social sciences was so lasting and fruitful and whose works are still being translated into many languages, even today.

Jhering Global’s purpose is twofold. Firstly, it will aim to explore the trajectories of Jhering's scientific ideas over the course of the past 150 years across Europe, the Americas and Asia. In order to achieve this, it calls on eminent legal scholars from several continents to present their perspectives on Jhering's work, and to bring different modes of reception to the table for discussion with scholars from Germany, Jhering’s native country. Thus, the conference will make a major contribution to exploring the history of the global transfer of juristic ideas from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

Secondly, Jhering Global will take an interdisciplinary approach. Since Jhering's work did not only cross geographical borders but also transcended the boundaries between scientific disciplines, the symposium will examine its impact on the establishment and development of social and political sciences since the late 19th century. Here, Jhering’s numerous allusions and references to the natural sciences, especially chemistry, will play a crucial role.
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Thursday, 6 September, 2018

    9.00 a.m. – Opening of the conference, welcoming address
    9.30 a.m. – Michael Kunze (Hamburg): Keynote lecture: Rudolf von Jhering - Leben und Werkgeschichte
    10.30 a.m. – Coffee break
    11.00 a.m. – Tomasz Giaro (Warschau): Jhering and Politics
    12.00 p.m. – Mittagessen/lunch
    14.00 p.m. – David Rabban (Austin, Tx.): Jhering‘s Influence on American Legal Thought
    15.15 Uhr – Luis Lloredo Alix (Temuco/Chile): Durch Europa, aber über Europa hinaus: Die Rezeption Jherings in Spanien und Lateinamerika
    16.15 Uhr – Kaffeepause/coffee break
    16.45 Uhr – Marcos Maliska (Curitiba/Brasilien): Die Rezeption Jherings in Brasilien: Tobias Barreto und die „Recife Schule“

Freitag/Friday, 7.9.2018

    9.30 Uhr – András Földi (Budapest): Jhering-Rezeption in Ungarn
    10.30 Uhr – Kaffeepause/coffee break
    11.00 Uhr – Anton Rudokvas (St. Petersburg): Jhering‘s Influence on Russian Legal Thought
    12.15 Uhr – Mittagessen/lunch
    14.15 Uhr – Olivier Jouanjan (Paris 2): Un intérêt juridiquement protégé: Zur französischen Rezeption von Jherings Begriff des subjektiven Rechts um 1900
    15.15 Uhr – Kaffeepause/coffee break
    15.45 Uhr – Francesca Lamberti (Lecce): Die Rezeption von Jherings historischer Methode im Hinblick auf die italienischen Studien zur altrömischen Familie um die Wende vom 19. zum 20. Jahrhundert
    16.45 Uhr – Christoph-Eric Mecke (Hannover): Jherings Rechtsdenken im Kontext der zeitgenössischen Natur- und Sozialwissenschaften