Friday, June 8, 2018

Legal History at LSA 2018

We’ve just received, courtesy of Joanna Grisinger, Northwestern University, and an organizer of the Law and Society Association's Legal History Collaborative Research Network (CRN)  a list of legal history panels at LSA's annual meeting now underway in Toronto.  It appears after the jump.

Law & History CRN (CRN 44) – 2018 Events

The following lists all CRN-sponsored events and panels; it also includes other panels with legal history content. 
This is the most current information we have (note that presenters may have changed on some panels). Check the online program for updated information. 
The Rights Revolution in Action: The Transformation of State Institutions after the 1960s
Thu, 6/7: 8:00 AM—9:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Forest Hill
·         Chair/Discussant—Sara Mayeux, Vanderbilt University
·         Ingraham v. Wright and the Racial Justice Challenge to Corporal Punishment in Public Education—Kathryn Schumaker, University of Oklahoma
·         Rights "Run Amok": The Federal Courts and the "Problem" of Prison Litigation, 1964-1996—Amanda Hughett, Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy, SUNY-Buffalo
·         Women Fighting Discrimination in the 1970s U.S. Military—Hannah Ontiveros, Duke University
Legal Histories of the British Empire
Thu, 6/7: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Osgoode Ballroom West
·         Chair/Discussant—Mitra Sharafi, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
·         Protecting Soldiers and Morals? Legal Transformations and the Making of Gendered Sovereignty—Jack Jin Gary Lee, Oberlin College
·         Secularizing Islam: The Colonial Encounter and the Making of a British Islamic Law in Northern Nigeria—Rabiat Akande, Harvard Law School
·         The Lawless Europeans: Law and Order on Penang island, 1786-1807—Hanisah Binte Abdullah Sani, University of Chicago
·         ‘The Colonial Instrument of Legal Duality in Mesopotamia: Or how law underdeveloped Iraq, 1916-1933’—Ali Hammoudi, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University

Author Meets Reader (AMR) Session: The Forgotten Emancipator: James Mitchell Ashley and the Ideological Origins of Reconstruction
Thu, 6/7: 4:45 PM—5:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Leaside
·         Author—Rebecca Zietlow, University of Toledo College of Law 
·         Chair—Adelle Blackett, Faculty of Law, McGill University 
·         Readers:
o   Adelle Blackett, Faculty of Law, McGill University    
o   Lolita Buckner Inniss, SMU Dedman School of Law    
o   Mark Graber, University of Maryland Carey School of Law 
o   James Pope, Rutgers Law School - Newark   
o   Ahmed White, Colorado Law School   

The Intersection of Civil Rights and Labor Rights
Thu, 6/7: 4:45 PM—6:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Wentworth
·         Chair/Discussant—Charlotte Garden, Seattle University School of Law
·         An Empirical Analysis of Banning the Box: Evidence from Chicago and Dallas—Dallan Flake, Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law   
·         Impossible Dream: Howard Jenkins, Jr., the National Labor Relations Board, and the Politics of Race—Roberto Corrada, University of Denver Sturm College of Law    
·         Judicial Hostility to Labor Protest and the Lost Promise of Labor-Civil Rights Coalitions—Catherine Fisk, University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall   
·         Protecting Favorites: Survival of The Fittest, Foreigners, and the Foran Act of 1885—Avi Soifer, William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawai'i   
·         Retaliating Against Black Worker Protest With Incendiary Speech—Michael Green, Texas A&M University School of Law   
RoundtableThe Fourteenth Amendment at 150: Understanding its Historical and Contemporary Implications 
Fri, 6/8: 8:00 AM—9:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Cedar
·         Chair—Franita Tolson, University of Southern California Gould School of Law   
·         Discussants:
o   Holning Lau, University of North Carolina School of Law
o   Maggie McKinley, University of Pennsylvania Law School 
·         Participants:
o   Robin Effron, Brooklyn Law School
o   Atiba Ellis, West Virginia University     
o   Mark Graber, University of Maryland Carey School of Law    
o   Christopher Green, University of Mississippi School of Law
o   Kurt Lash, University of Richmond
o   Lori Ringhand, University of Georgia School of Law
o   Andrew Siegel, Seattle University School of Law
International Studies in Law's Many Histories
Fri, 6/8: 8:00 AM—9:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Yorkville East
·         Finding the Good Lawyer in the History of Australia’s Legal Profession—Susan Bartie, University of Tasmania 
·         From Ethnic Enclave to Political Power: How Law Constrained the Early Assent of Irish Catholics in American Politics—Kevin McMahon, Trinity College
·         The Witch-Hunt that Wasn't: Evaluating the Procedural Fairness of the Salem Witchcraft Trials—John Acevedo, University of La Verne College of Law

Rights in Historical Perspective
Fri, 6/8: 8:00 AM—9:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Parlour Suite 4
·         Canada’s Efforts to Police & Legalize Cannabis, 1923-2018—Michael Boudreau, St. Thomas University
·         Charlie Wing and the Alberta Liquor Control Board: Anti-Chinese Racism and the Liquor Laws in Post-Prohibition Alberta—Sarah Hamill, School of Law, Trinity College Dublin
·         Law, Liberalism, and the Red Scare—Laura Weinrib, University of Chicago
·         Policing Vice, 1776-1876—David Thacher, University of Michigan
·         Protecting the Majority: Constitution as a Bulwark—Aviram Shahal, University of Michigan Law School   
LGBTQ and the State: How Law and Policy Shapes Rights and Identities
Fri, 6/8: 8:00 AM—9:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Davenport
·         A Re-Evaluation of the Method of Incrementalist Change to Achieve Same-Sex Marriage - A Comparative Study between the United States and Europe—Frances Hamilton, Northumbria University    
·         Medical categories and gender identity rights: the role played by Brazilian public prosecutors when trans people require to change their documents—Matheus Caetano Tocantins, Universidade de São Paulo    
·         Policy Diffusion in Protection Order Laws in the United States—Andrea Barrick, Youngstown State University & John Kilwein, West Virginia University    
·         Queering Canadian Legal History Using a Lesbian Lens—Karen Pearlston, Faculty of Law, University of New Brunswick    
·         The Origins of Gender Identity and Gender Expression in Anglo-American Legal Discourse—Kyle Kirkup, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law (Common Law Section)    
Author Meets Reader Session: EU Law Stories: Contextual and Critical Histories in European Jurisprudence
Fri, 6/8: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Maple West
·         Authors:
o   Billie Davies, School of Public Affairs American University
o   Fernanda Nicola, American University Washington College of Law
·         Chair—Bryant Garth, UC Irvine
·         Readers:
o   Marija Bartl, University of Amsterdam 
o   Rachel Cichowski, University of Washington   
o   Päivi Leino-Sandberg, University of Helsinki 
o   Tommaso Pavone, Princeton University  
Roundtable: History/Ideology/Law
Fri, 6/8: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Peel
·         Chair: Dan Farbman, Boston College Law School
·         Participants:
o   Paulo Barrozo, Boston College Law School
o   Charles Barzun, University of Virginia   
o   Maeve Glass, Columbia Law School   
Law and the People: Lawyers and Judges in American History
Fri, 6/8: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Huron
·         Chair—Joanna Grisinger, Northwestern University
·         Discussant—Gregory Ablavsky, Stanford Law School 
·         "Safe and Proper to Disclose": The People, The President and Executive Privilege at the Founding—Scott Ingram, High Point University 
·         'custodians of the life of the republic': The Law of Posse Comitatus, Delegated Sovereignty, and Masculine Obligation—Scott McDowell, University of Minnesota 
·         Creating Confidentiality: The Origins of Physician-Patient Privilege in the United States—Miles Wilkinson, University of Oregon 
·         Living Dicey's Nightmare: The Rule of Law in Times of War—James Pfander, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law 
·         The Contest between High and Low Law in Pre-revolutionary New York—Sung Yup Kim, University of Louisiana at Lafayette   

Kinder, Gentler, More Benevolent: Interrogating the Myth of Canada's Liberal Settler Colonialism
Fri, 6/8: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Wentworth
·         Chair—Jacqueline Briggs, University of Toronto    
·         Discussants—
o   Catherine Evans, University of Toronto
o   Mayana C. Slobodian, University of Toronto    
·         Academic Uptake of Indigenous Laws: Decolonization or Recolonization? —Karen Drake, Osgoode Hall Law School at York University    
·         Canadian Colonialism: Conditions for a Just Society—Teddy Harrison, University of Toronto    
·         Settler voting rights and Indigenous self-determination in Canada’s North: A tale of three court cases—Aaron Spitzer, University of Bergen    
·         The Queen's Red Children: Commissions, Law & Empire in Canada—Mayana C. Slobodian, University of Toronto    
Conditions of the Criminal System in Historical Context
Fri, 6/8: 12:45 PM—2:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Sheraton Hall B
·         Chair—Benjamin Levin, University of Colorado Law School 
·         Discussant—Gabriel Chin, UC Davis School of Law
·         10 Angry Men: The Hidden Histories of Non-Unanimous Criminal Verdicts—Thomas Frampton, Harvard Law School 
·         From the Automobile Exception to Stop-and-Frisks—Sarah Seo, University of Iowa College of Law 
·         The Feminist War on Crime—Aya Gruber, University of Colorado
·         The Haves and Have-Nots of Procedure—Ion Meyn, University of Wisconsin Law School 
·         The Warren Court in Historical Perspective: Criminal Procedure as a State-building Project—Sara Mayeux, Vanderbilt University  

Legal Aesthetics, Legal Materialities
Fri, 6/8: 12:45 PM—2:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Davenport
·         Evidence-Making and Claim-Making: How ‘Dossiers of Memory’ Challenge Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan—Salman Hussain, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Law and Anthropology Department    
·         Law, History and Memory in the Calcutta High Court—Rahela Khorakiwala, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi    
·         Spatial Artefacts as Legal Artefact: An Observation from India—Shailesh Kumar, Birkbeck, University of London    
·         Speaking Nearby: Pictures and Words in the Constitution of India—Mani Shekhar Singh, O P Jindal Global University    
·         Visualising the Streets of Protests – Considering the Ban on Jantar Mantar—Swastee Ranjan, University of Sussex    

Roundtable: What are the Benefits of Comparing the African-American Struggle in the United States to the Dalit Struggle in India
Fri, 6/8: 12:45 PM—2:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Leaside
·         Chair—Kevin Brown, Maurer University, School of Law    
·         Participants:
o   Andrea Freeman, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa William S. Richardson School of Law    
o   Darrell Jackson, University of Wyoming College of Law    
o   Lalit Khandare, Pacific University    
Economic Life: Trust at a Distance
Fri, 6/8: 2:45 PM—4:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Sheraton Hall B
·         Chair—Errol Meidinger, SUNY Buffalo Law School/Baldy Center
·         Chair/Discussant—Susan Shapiro, American Bar Foundation 
·         Social Distance and Trust in a Recent Financial Fraud—Camilo Leslie, Tulane
·         Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer: Lawyers as Commercial Agents in Nineteenth Century America—Justin Simard, Northwestern University
·         Wage Assignments and the Problem of Trust—Anne Fleming, Georgetown Law 
·         “The Great Sacrifice They Have Made for the General Welfare”: White Louisianans Seek Compensation for Freed Slaves—Amanda Kleintop, American Bar Foundation   
Conjugal Slavery in War: Socio-legal Research on Abduction for Forced Marriage in West and Central African Conflicts
Fri, 6/8: 2:45 PM—4:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Norfolk Room
·         Chair/Discussant—Joel Quirk, University of Witwatersrand 
·         A Historical Defence: ‘Historical’ Marriage by Kidnap as a Defence to Modern Day Forced Marriage—Eleanor Seymour, University of Birmingham
·         Access to Justice for the victims of Sexual & Gender-based Violence in the Northeast, Nigeria—Umar Umar, Development Research and Projects Centre   
·         Belonging and Kinship: Children Born of War (CBoW) in Post Conflict Northern Uganda—Teddy Atim, Feinstein International Center, Tufts University and York University, Canada 
·         In Their Words: Recounting the Lived Experiences of Women and Girls in Armed Conflicts in Uganda and the DRC—Izevbuwa Kehinde, Conjugal Slavery in War Project, York University   
·         They Told Me I was a Slave: Forced Marriage in Sierra Leone 1880-2012—Sarah Delius, University of the Witwatersrand    
Fri, 6/8: 2:45 PM—4:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Wentworth
·         Chair—Seema Mohapatra, Indiana McKinney School of Law    
·         Discussant—Lisa Kelly, Queen's University, Faculty of Law    
·         Disciplining and Rehabilitating Native Girls: A Brief History of Four Systems—Addie Rolnick, Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas - Willam S. Boyd School of Law    
·         Gender and Masculinity in Professional Relationships in Law Offices: U.S. and Abroad—Ann McGinley, University of Nevada, Las Vegas    
·         Harmful Cultural Practices against : Whither Law? — Rhoda Karibi-Whyte Ige, University of Lagos, Akoka    
·         Sex in Public—Deborah Dinner, Emory University School of Law & Elizabeth Sepper, Washington University School of Law    

Law & History CRN Informal Happy Hour
Friday, 6:00PM7:00PM
·         Legal historians (and anyone else who would like to attend) are invited to gather at Boxcar Social, a café and bar located about a block from the conference hotel at 70 Temperance Street. ( 

Keeping Us Safe: Histories of Local Governments and Local Courts Acquiring, Demanding, and Exercising Protective Authority
Sat, 6/9: 8:00 AM—9:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Parlour Suite 9
·         Chair/Discussant—Kathryn Schumaker, University of Oklahoma 
·         City Rights: The Consequences of Treating Cities as First Amendment Associations—Nikolas Bowie, Harvard Law School   
·         Safe Houses, Safe Towns, Sanctuary Cities—Dan Farbman, Boston College Law School
·         The Forgotten Family Court Origins of Probation—Elizabeth Katz, Stanford Law School   
Law, Property, and History
Sat, 6/9: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM. Sheraton Centre Toronto, Parlour Suite 4
·         Chair/Discussant—K-Sue Park, Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid   
·         Barker v. Harvey and the (Non-)Extinguishment of Native Title in California—William Wood, Southwestern Law School    
·         Land, Law and Apartheid’s Legacy: The Role of Communal Property Associations in South Africa—Tara Weinberg, University of Michigan
·         “Constitutional Lion in the Path”: The Post–Fourteenth Amendment Halt to Annexations—Sam Erman, USC Gould School of Law

U.S./Canada Relations, Borders, and Human Rights
Sat, 6/9: 10:00 AM  - 11:45 AM
Sheraton Centre Toronto, Carleton
·         Chair/Discussant—Rebecca Hamlin, University of Massachusetts Amherst   
·         Human Rights at the Canada-US Border—Benjamin Goold, University of British Columbia
o   Non-Presenting Co-Author—Efrat Arbel, University of British Columbia Allard School of Law   
·         Migrants at the Crossroads: Redefining Immigration Law on the U.S.-Canada Border During the Great Depression—Ashley Johnson Bavery, Eastern Michigan University
·         Positioning Citizenship at the Intersection of Childhood and Political Violence: Omar Khadr’s Case—Meral Tan, Carleton University   
Roundtable: 100 years of Joseph Schumpeter’s ‘Crisis of the Tax State’
Sat, 6/9: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Dufferin
·         Chair—Neil Buchanan, The George Washington University Law School    
·         Participants:
o   Max Boada, Zeppelin University    
o   Dominic de Cogan, University of Cambridge    
o   Alfred Duncan, University of Kent    
o   Hooi May Hen, University of Cambridge    
o   Michael Littlewood, Auckland Law School    
o   Ann Mumford, King's College London    
Roundtable: Migration in International Legal History
Sat, 6/9: 10:00 AM —11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Maple East
·         Chair—Umut Özsu, Carleton University    
·         Participants:
o   Sara Dehm, University of Technology, Sydney    
o   Leila Kawar, University of Massachusetts Amherst    
o   Frédéric Mégret, McGill University    
o   Frédéric Mégret, McGill University    
o   Christopher Szabla, Cornell University    
Legal Institutions, Public Interest Lawyering, and Social Movements
Sat, 6/9: 12:45 PM—2:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Linden
·         Chair—Veena Dubal, University of California, Hastings   
·         Discussant—Catherine Fisk, University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall   
·         "Dead But Not Disabled": A Feminist Legal Struggle for Recognition in the AIDS Epidemic—Aziza Ahmed, Northeastern University School of Law   
·         Democracy, Civil Society, and Media Coverage of Public Interest Law—Catherine Albiston, University of California, Berkeley   
·         The System is Guilty: Law and Mobilization in the Movement for Black Lives—Gwendolyn Leachman, University of Wisconsin-Madison   
·         “Sociological Gobbledygook” and Social-Change Litigation: Stretching Lawyer Identity in the Racially Restrictive Covenant Cases—John Bliss, Harvard Law School   

Lawyers and Lawyering in Comparative Historical Perspective
Sat, 6/9: 12:45 PM—2:30 PM
Sheraton Centre Toronto, Maple East
·         Chair/Discussant—Justin Simard, Northwestern University
·         Claire Palley, the U.K.’s First Female Law Professor—Fiona Cownie, Keele University
·         History of Turkish Legal Practice After the Empire: Prosecutors as Guardians of the Regime—Murat Burak Aydin, Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte
·         Politics and the Bench: Frederick Haultain and the Royal Commissions of 1916—Ken Leyton-Brown, University of Regina
·         Practicing God’s Law in a Secular World: The Lawyers of the Westboro Baptist Church, 1964-2011—Victoria Woeste, American Bar Foundation     
·         Social Engineering and Social Entrepreneurs: Whether Methods of Social Change Have Changed for a Postmodern Legal Culture—Aaron Porter, Yale University   
Litigation, Prosecutions, and Related Legal Processes
Sat, 6/9: 12:45 PM—2:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Kensington
·         Hidden Decision Processes: Modeling Plea Bargains in Rural New York—Reveka Shteynberg, University at Albany, SUNY 
o   Non-Presenting Co-Author: Alissa Pollitz Worden, University at Albany, SUNY   
·         The Infrequent Use of Securities Class Actions in Korea: Understanding the Reluctance of Plaintiffs' Lawyers—Hai Jin Park, Stanford Law School   
·         The Last Consumer-Protection Frontier: The Alabama Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division on the Front Lines of Fraud, from the 1970s to the 1990s—Anna Johns Hrom, Duke University   
·         The Prosecutor's Role in Exoneration Cases—Elizabeth Webster, Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice   
·         Vying for Lead in the "Boys' Club": Exploring the Gender Gap in Multidistrict Litigation Leadership Appointments—Dana Alvare, University of Delaware & Temple University Beasley School of Law   

Disabling Barriers: Social Movements, Disability History, and the Law
Sat, 6/9: 2:45 PM—4:30 PM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Yorkville West
·         Chair/Discussant—Mark Weber, DePaul University College of Law    
·         Bringing History and Law to Disability Studies: Disabling Barriers in Multiple Disciplines—Ravi Malhotra, University of Ottawa    
·         Doing Battle with the Warrior-Worker: An Exploration of Episodic Disability and Accommodation in Employment—Odelia Bay, Osgoode Hall Law School    
·         Empowering Labour: Evaluating How Law Can Combat the Legacy of Income Inequality and Poverty Faced by People with Disabilities—Megan Rusciano, Disability Rights Maryland    
·         “Of Dark Type and Poor Physique”: Immigration Restriction and Eugenics Discourse in Canada, 1900-1930—Jen Rinaldi, UOIT     

Roundtable: Family Law and Feminist Opinions
Sun, 6/10: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Chestnut East
·         Chair—Rachel Rebouche, Temple University Law School    
·         Discussants:
o   Susan Appleton, Washington University School of Law    
o   Maya Manian, University of San Francisco School of Law    
·         Participants:
o   Mary Anne Case, University of Chicago    
o   Martha Ertman, University of Maryland Law School    
o   Melanie Jacobs, MSU College of Law    
o   Alicia Kelly, Widener University School of Law    
o   Seema Mohapatra, Indiana McKinney School of Law    
o   Zvi Triger, Striks School of Law, The College of Management Academic Studies    
o   Jessica Dixon Weaver, SMU Dedman School of Law    

Historicizing Punishment
Sun, 6/10: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Oxford
·         Custody, Community Control, and Participatory Democracy—Christopher Berk, University of Virginia    
·         From Penal History to Penal Historiography—Johann Koehler, University of California, Berkeley    
·         Pastoral Penality: Exploring Imprisonment and Political Culture in 1970s Ireland—Louise Brangan, University of Edinburgh    
·         Racial Capitalism, Brown v. Board of Education, and Southern Carceral Policy—Kirstine Taylor, Ohio University    
·         The Irish in Scotland: Murder, Capital Punishment, and the Irish as Other in Scotland from 1864 to 1914—Lynsey Black, University College Dublin    

The League of Nations and its Legacies: Law, Imperialism, Labour
Sun, 6/10: 10:00 AM—11:45 AM, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Civic Ballroom N
·         Chair/Discussant—Gerry Simpson, LSE    
·         Codification and the League of Nations: Past and Present—Kathryn Greenman, University of Amsterdam    
·         Global Migration Governance as Policy Knowledge—Leila Kawar, University of Massachusetts Amherst    
·         Redrawing the Laws of War through International Organisations: The Legacy of the League of Nations—Luis Paulo Bogliolo, University of Melbourne    
·         The Process of International League-al Reproduction—Rose Parfitt, Kent Law School    
·         ‘Re-collecting the C Mandates: Imperialism and International Law from the Margins’—Cait Storr, Melbourne Law School    
·         ‘The State to which a community is racially akin’: The League of Nations and the Nationalisation of the Balkans—Ntina Tzouvala, Melbourne Law School