Monday, September 24, 2018

AJLH: 58:3

Here’s the TOC for the American Journal of Legal History, 58:3 (September 2018).

Revisiting the Critiques of Those Who Upheld the Fugitive Slave Acts in the 1840s and ‘50s
Peter Karsten

The Law Wars in Massachusetts, 1830-1860: How a Band of Upstart Radical Lawyers Defeated the Forces of Law and Order, and Struck a Blow for Freedom and Equality Under Law   
Alexandra D Lahav; R Kent Newmyer

“O Amherst, Where is Thy Shame?”: Republican Opposition to Federalist Policies in a New England Town   
Susan J Siggelakis; Nicholas Mignanelli

Judicial Intervention in Early Corporate Governance Disputes: Vice-Chancellor Shadwell’s Lost Judgment in Mozley v Alston (1847)   
Victoria Barnes

Book Reviews

David Barker, A History of Australian Legal Education   
Mark Lunney

Dante Fedele, Naissance de la diplomatie moderne (XIIIe-XVIIe siècles). L’ambassadeur au croisement du droit, de l’éthique et de la politique   
Frederik Dhondt

Shaunnagh Dorsett, Juridical Encounters: Ma-ori and the Colonial Courts 1840 – 1852   
Katherine Sanders

Guido Rossi, Insurance in Elizabethan England. The London Code   
Dave De ruysscher

Mark Lunney, A History of Australian Tort Law 1901–1945: England’s Obedient Servant?
Henry Kha