Friday, January 25, 2019

Henry Horwitz

We are very sorry to learn of the death of the legal historian Henry Horwitz of the University of Iowa.  From Jeff Cox’s story, Celebrating the Life of Henry Horwitz, in the History Department’s newsletter. 
Henry Horwitz died on January 19, 2019, leaving to mourn him family, friends, former students, and former colleagues, especially those in the University of Iowa history department. Henry joined the department in 1963, with degrees from Haverford College (1959 summa cum laude) and Oxford University (D. Phil., 1963). At St. Antony’s College, Oxford, he developed an interest in early modern English political history, leading to the publication of Revolution Politicks: The Career of Daniel Finch, Second Earl of Nottingham 1647-1730 (Cambridge U.P., 1968); Parliament, Policy and Politics in the Reign of William III (Manchester U.P., 1977); and an edition, The Parliamentary Diary of Narcissus Luttrell 1691-1693 (Oxford U.P., Clarendon Press, 1972).
More.  H/t Thomas P. Gallanis