Monday, June 3, 2019

Baron, "Presidential Privilege and the Freedom of Information Act"

Oxford University Press (on behalf of Edinburgh University Press) has released Presidential Privilege and the Freedom of Information Act, by Kevin M. Baron (University of Florida). A description from the Press:
The Freedom of Information Act, developed at the height of the Cold War, highlighted the power struggles between Congress and the president in that tumultuous era. By drawing on previously unseen primary source material and exhaustive archival research, this book reveals the largely untold and fascinating narrative of the development of the FOIA, and demonstrates how this single policy issue transformed presidential behaviour. The author explores the policy's lasting influence on the politics surrounding contemporary debates on government secrecy, public records and the public's 'right to know', and examines the modern development and use of 'executive privilege'.
More information, including the TOC, is available here.

-- Karen Tani