Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Symposium on James Wilson

The contributions to “The Life and Career of Justice James Wilson,” the Fourth Annual Salmon P. Chase Faculty Colloquium of the Georgetown Center for the Constitution, has been published in volume 17 of the Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy.  The first contribution is “James Wilson and the American Founding,” by William Ewald, who, in conjunction with the symposium, delivered the Fourth Annual Salmon P. Chase Distinguished Lecture at the U.S. Supreme Court, an event co-hosted by the Georgetown Center for the Constitution and the Supreme Court Historical Society.  The other contributions are Michael W. McConnell, “James Wilson's Contributions to the Construction of Article II”; Christopher S. Yoo, “James Wilson as the Architect of the American Presidency”; John Mikhail. “James Wilson, Early American Land Companies, and the Original Meaning of ‘Ex Post Facto Law’”; Maeva Marcus, “Wilson as a Justice”; Eric Nelson. “James Wilson and the Ancient Constitution”; and Danielle Allen and Emily Sneff, “Golden Letters: James Wilson, the Declaration of Independence, and the Sussex Declaration.”

--Dan Ernst