Friday, August 30, 2019

Black on the Irish "Other" in Scotland

Lynsey Black, Maynooth University, has posted Murder, Capital Punishment, and the Irish in Scotland, 1864 to 1914, which was published in Irish Jurist 60 (2018): 154-166:
Throughout the 19th century, significant numbers of Irish persons emigrated to Scotland. These Irish migrants lived their lives under the shadow of the popular stereotype of the Irish as unruly and violent. Scholars such as Peter King and Carolyn Conley have noted that the Irish duly became an “out group” in Scotland during this period. This article explores the cases of Irishmen sentenced to death for murder in Scotland from 1864 to 1914. Drawing on nine case studies, the article draws on archival court materials and press reporting to examine issues such as the prevalence of sectarian tensions, and the Catholic Irish as “Other."
--Dan Ernst